First in the Industry, TSMC developed a system for ammonia nitrogen that not only decreased the concentration of discharged wastewater, but realized circular economy by recycling by-products.
TSMC fabs recycled classified wastewater, and implemented automated management by abundant monitoring instruments.

TSMC Receives Alliance for Water Stewardship Platinum Certification; Achieves Record Point Total

First Semiconductor Company to Receive AWS Certification
Ze-Yu Chen
C.Y. Tseng
Jimmy Wang

TSMC has become the first Platinum-Certified semiconductor company, accumulating 114 points — the highest score ever recorded — and well above the 80-point platinum-level certification threshold.

TSMC used the AWS standard to implement a comprehensive water efficiency and green manufacturing program that began in early 2019. The company implemented the program in Fab 6 and Fab 14, phases five, six and seven to become the first semiconductor company to use AWS standards and compliance as part of its sustainable water resources management goals.

TSMC Links Water Management Policy to AWS Standards

TSMC works to balance water supply and demand through three major initiatives: water resource risk management, diversified water resources development, and pollution prevention technology development. The company also actively supports Item 6 of the United Nations sustainable development goal, which calls for clean water and sanitation.

Five Major AWS Achievements

Internal Water Management Organization and Green Innovation Action Plan

TSMC has established a comprehensive and systematic sustainable water management organization. The AWS on-site certification inspection team recognized TSMC for implementing an industry-leading copper extraction process as part of its copper waste sulphate program, restoring a plant-site firefly habitat, recycling and re-using general wastewater on the site, and working with outside entities to create green energy smart water control gates that help improve domestic irrigation.

TSMC Water Management Implementation Policy and Sustainable Development

Operations Water resource risk management Enforce climate change mitigation policies, implement water conservation and water shortage adaptation measurements.
Develop diverse water sources Integrate internal and external company resources to develop regenerated water technology; implement water conservation and the use of regenerated water in the manufacturing process.
Develop pollution prevention measures Improve the efficiency of water pollution prevention and water pollutant removal.
Green Innovation Copper waste liquid recycling system Establish a copper waste liquid regeneration system; convert waste copper sulfate into recycled copper tubing and electronic-grade copper coating; reuse them in recycling processes.
Smart Energy Water Control Gate Enhance efficient agricultural water use and donate patented Green Energy Smart Water Control Gate technology license-free to a Water Resources Agency.
Plant-site firefly habitat Build a world-class green plant and become the first Taiwanese company to successfully rehabilitate fireflies on the plant site.
Sewage Recycle and Reuse Collaborating with Tainan City Government and South Science Park (STSP), TSMC will build a reclaimed water distribution pond scheduled to go into operation in 2022.
Compliance TSMC has not been penalized for any water regulation violations over the past five years.
Note: For more details of our Water Management, please refer to TSMC CSR website

TSMC is a pioneer in many of its local communities for its continuous water management improvement and innovation. Senior management actively supports the company’s efforts in this area, which has received significant contributions from new employees. TSMC has been recognized for noteworthy water management programs and actively shares its environmental experiences with local industry, embracing external cooperative opportunities and maximizing green power.

- Ke Karl Song, DNV GL AWS Lead Auditor

Steady Progress to Achieve a Sustainable Environment

TSMC endeavors for the company's operations and the environment to co-exist and develop side-by-side. To promote the results of water management, the company's turned its success stories and experience into a book, "Blueprint for Sustainable Water Management." Other company manufacturing facilities are encouraged to use this publication to set water management guidelines as part of all fab matching goals. The document also provides the company important solutions to the many challenges brought about by climate change.