TSMC Continues to Boost Efficiency of Energy Consumption to Fully Reduce Carbon Emissions

TSMC Continues to Strengthen Operational Resilience in Response to Climate Change and Extreme Weather
Evan Wu
C.C. Chiang
Sean Lee
Jack Wen

In the face of a changing global climate, TSMC strives to fulfill its responsibilities as declared in the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Environmental Protection Policy. TSMC establishes a Carbon Management Platform, tracks and examines energy carbon emission index performances resulted from operations, and continuously proposes more aggressive improvement plans through the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and the Energy and Carbon Reduction Committee. In 2018, TSMC invested significant resources into 524 energy-saving measures to save 300GWh in electricity, purchased 880GWh renewable energy globally, renewable energy certificates (REC), as well as carbon rights to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

TSMC endeavors to be a practitioner of green power, and fulfills its unwavering promise to building a sustainable society through many waves of green action in the future.

TSMC Carbon Management Platform

2018 New Energy Saving Performances