To further promote the spirit of the common good, TSMC CSR AWARD collaborated with local sculptors to create an exclusive trophy inspired by the notion of transformation using liquid waste.
Chairman Dr. Mark Liu listening to colleague’s proposal at the TSMC CSR AWARD Primary Screening Poster Carnival.
TSMC CSR AWARD Semi-Finalist Presentation reviewed by a panel consisting of Lora Ho, Senior VP and Chairperson of the CSR Committee and other executives.
TSMC CSR AWARD Semi-Finalist Presentation

TSMC Launched Its First CSR AWARD to Enhance Corporate Sustainability Performance and Foster Good CSR Ideas amongst Employees

Doris Lien
Phoebe Hsiao
L.J. Chang

To fulfill its commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable social development, TSMC continues to drive positive changes to the world through concrete actions. In 2020, TSMC launched its first CSR AWARD as an acknowledgment of the fruitful results attained within the organization. This award also encourages all TSMC employees to propose brilliant ideas pertinent to the Company's , further inspiring employees to proactively explore opportunities for improvement within the premise of their respective duties. In addition, through sharing these ideas, the influence of the common good can be extended outside of TSMC. Within half a month since the award started accepting entries, we’ve received 785 proposals with a total participation of 25,883 employees contributing to the growing momentum of TSMC’s culture of sustainability.

We’ve got so many brilliant employees. We must find a way to motivate them and unleash their full potential.

- Dr. Mark Liu, Chairman and Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee Chairperson

Milestone of the 1st TSMC CSR AWARD

TSMC CSR AWARD is not a competition. It is an event for every TSMC employee to participate in and enjoy the process of discovering self-worth and forming a virtuous cycle.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chairperson

In a survey, 100% of TSMC employees who participated in the event stated that through TSMC CSR AWARD, they realized that fulfilling CSR is not just a charity cause. More significantly, it is to exert influence through their expertise and contribute to society and the environment. 98% of the employees who participated in the event shared that through TSMC CSR AWARD, they found the sustainable value of their jobs. Hence, they are more inclined to proactively propose sustainable plans in their daily work and put the plans into action.

Exclusive Trophy Design for the TSMC CSR AWARD in Collaboration with Local Artists Using Waste Materials

To further promote the spirit of the common good, TSMC CSR AWARD collaborated with four local sculptors, Wang Biao, Lin Li-Jen, Yeh Chuan-Hsien, and Hung Wen-Chang to create an exclusive trophy. Themed the “Magnificent Transformation-The Regeneration Journey of Waste Copper Sulfate” based on green manufacturing, the trophy design embodies the sustainable efforts TSMC employees have dedicated to the realization of a circular economy. The sculptors took copper and cobalt bars regenerated from the liquid waste generated from the manufacturing process and turned them into a profoundly memorable trophy featuring strength, aesthetics, and the spirit of transformation and sustainability.

Award-Winning CSR AMAZING IDEAs Put into Action Immediately

Through TSMC’s CSR Executive Committee, winning proposals of the CSR AMAZING IDEAs award have been passed on to each division to evaluate the feasibility and formulate implementation plans. In the future, the CSR Executive Committee will see through cross-department communications, integrate resources, and keep track of the implementation progress of each project. For the latest updates on the TSMC’s sustainability development endeavors, please refer to our CSR website, CSR Report, and CSR Newsletter.