TSMC 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report covers the Company's performance in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions over the past year.

TSMC 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Now Available Online

As a Driver for a Sustainable Future, TSMC Brings about Positive Change That Can Be Shared by All
L.J. Chang
Doris Lien

On the path to sustainability, TSMC collaborates closely with its employees, shareholders, investors, customers, suppliers, society, and all other stakeholders. TSMC conscientiously fulfills its responsibilities for achieving sustainability by collaborating with upstream and downstream suppliers, and has adopted the CSR Report as an important tool for aligning with international standards and managing internal sustainability. The recently published "TSMC 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" covers the Company's performance and achievements in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions over the past year, aligning with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

For TSMC, the first step in corporate social responsibility is to carry out our core values and drive positive changes in society and the environment through our industry leadership.

- Mark Liu, Chairman and Corporate Social Responsibility Executive Committee Chairperson at TSMC

Economic Dimension
Sustained Business Growth Is the Foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility

TSMC attends to corporate governance and pursues profitable growth. In 2019, the Company retained the lead in global market with 52% share, while revenues reached a record high for the 10th consecutive year, strengthening its position as the world's largest dedicated semiconductor foundry.

Environmental Dimension
TSMC Applies Green Manufacturing to Produce the Most Advanced and Sustainable Products

TSMC aims to become a practitioner of green power. In 2019, TSMC carried out 503 projects in energy and water conservation. By implementing the action plan for renewable energy adoption, TSMC gradually achieves the long-term goal of 25% of its manufacturing fabs' power consumption being supplied from renewable energy sources, and 100% renewable energy consumption for non-fabs.

Social Dimension
TSMC Establishes a People-oriented Inclusive Workplace, and Pursues a Vision of Common Good

TSMC strives to be an attractive employer, providing a quality workplace and assiting employees to grow with the Company. Through the "TSMC Culture and Education Foundation" and "TSMC Charity Foundation," TSMC builds a network for social participation to drive positive changes with continuous efforts.

With each and every TSMC employee steadfast at his/her role, we believe that positive changes will occur continuously.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chairperson at TSMC

Beginning with the Company's core business, TSMC continues to strengthen its commitment to a sustainable business. TSMC's CSR achievements in 2019 were the results of long-term commitment and contribution from all its colleagues. Bearing a dedication to "diligently doing everything right," we will never stray from pursuing sustainability and the common good, and will keep moving forward.

For more details about TSMC's sustainable actions, please refer to "TSMC 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" and TSMC's CSR website.