TSMC launches ESG 21+ warm-up program to encourage colleagues to embrace SDGs in their lives.

TSMC ESG 21+ Sustainability Journey Draws more than 16,100 People to Respond

Support United Nations’ Good Life Goals by Practicing Sustainability through Consecutive Actions for 21 Days
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TSMC uses the TSMC ESG AWARD to encourage employees to come up with great ideas that tie in with the Company’s five and highlights organizational ESG performance. After the third session, TSMC launched the warm-up activities TSMC ESG Master Challenge and from Plastic to Fabric – Your Eco-friendly T-shirt Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles for the first time in 2022 which attracted more than 15,900 participants. The 2023 warm-up program ESG 21+ converts the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UN SDGs) into of everyday sustainability experience so that colleagues can support the Good Life Goals through simple, direct actions that cultivate their sustainability awareness and builds character. This year, 16,180 colleagues at home and abroad took part in the program, inspiring sustainable action inspirations to drive a better future for all.

Login Daily to Unlock a 21-day Journey into Sustainability

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a call for developed and developing countries to take action as part of a global partnership to eradicate poverty, improve health and education, and combat inequality. It also calls for adopting a sustainable mindset for decision-making, investment and activities to cope with climate change and to protect the bio-diversity of the oceans and forests by every means possible. To encourage everyone to practice SDGs in everyday life, individual actions based on each SDG were also developed to become Good Life Goals. Based on the concept of A Journey into Sustainability, the dedicated online platform of ESG 21+ is built by Corporate Sustainability Department and IT Division, where SDGs, Good Life Goals, and sustainability literacy are fused into 21 everyday scenarios. During the activity, colleagues can log in each day to unlock a new scenario-based quiz. The game not only cultivates their sustainability habits, but also boosts their awareness and motivation by introducing the Company’s efforts in every aspect of SDG. Those who answer the daily question correctly will win a exclusive to that day and make a contribution to the society.

TSMC ESG 21+ Top Five Highlights

ESG 21+ Interface

We developed an innovative interactive game to encourage colleagues to practice ESG in the workplace and daily life. ESG 21+ strengthens sustainability literacy and makes it a part of everyday life so everyone can work together to realize a better future for all from SDGs.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson at TSMC

Through my journey with ESG 21+, I've come to understand that sustainability is not a faraway concept. Every one of us can commit to ESG with simple and quick actions in our daily work and life.

- P.F. Cheng, Colleague who Participated in the 2023 TSMC ESG AWARDs ESG 21+ Warm-up Program

ESG 21+ helped me think about how to help myself and the people around me live a better life. Through love and support, we can not only improve the lives of others, but also enrich our own.

- McKay Angle, Colleague who Participated in the 2023 TSMC ESG AWARDs ESG 21+ Warm-up Program

TMSC promotes positive changes for the better through the TSMC ESG AWARD. The Company continues to boost its competitiveness through sustainability and embraces actions for inclusive sustainability. To learn more about ESG initiatives at TSMC, please visit TSMC ESG website, Sustainability Report, ESG Newsletter and TSMC LinkedIn.