TSMC launches an animated course, Corporate Sustainability Trends, to ensure that suppliers fully grasp ESG core values and measures.
TSMC continues to contribute to the operational capabilities of a sustainable supply chain by offering online and offline learning resources.

TSMC Launches ESG Course on Corporate Sustainability Trends

Phoebe Hsiao

In delivering on TSMC’s sustainability commitments, the Company has launched the TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy, an open platform for education on the global responsible supply chain management platform, Supply Online 360. Learning resources based on TSMC’s experience in business operation and governance are available on the platform for free, offering guidance to uplift the supply chain. To ensure that suppliers fully grasp values and concrete measures, TSMC introduced a bilingual animated course titled Corporate Sustainability Trends in 2022 that illustrates ESG, global sustainability trends, and TSMC practices. It encourages suppliers to link operational efficiency to sustainability goals and devise a responsible business model that creates through ESG endeavors.

Four Aspects of the Corporate Sustainability Trends Course

TSMC Corporate Sustainability Trends course is now available on TSMC Supplier Sustainability Academy. To learn more about TSMC’s ESG endeavors, visit our ESG website, Corporate Sustainability Reports, ESG newsletter, and the Facebook “TSMC·Love·Action”.