TSMC 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report now online

Driving Positive Change – CSR Is Part of TSMC's DNA


"TSMC 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" went online on June 14, 2018. Based on internal operational impact analysis and feedback from the stakeholders, including employees, shareholders/investors, customers, suppliers/contractors, government and society, the TSMC materiality matrix were mapped. We focused on the six focal points, namely Ethical Management, Innovation and Service, Responsible Supply Chain, Green Manufacturing, Inclusive Workplace, and Common Good. The 17 related material issues are disclosed in this report. At the same time, we have begun to link the Company's operations with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals and adopt impact valuations to gain a better knowledge of the impact of our operations on the value chain. For TSMC, the CSR Report is not just a report to disclose performance in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions, but an important tool for aligning with international trends, strengthening internal management, and meeting benchmarks.

In 2017, the highlights of TSMC's sustainability tasks included:

Economic Dimension

TSMC has continued to expand research and development, leading the industry in launching 7nm process technology, making progress through innovation. 2017 was a year of record revenue, net income and earnings per share, and our market share has grown for eight consecutive years to reach 56%. TSMC's solid financial performance enables the Company to distribute profits to shareholders. From 2004 to 2017, TSMC has paid out nearly NT$1.2 trillion in cash dividends. In addition, we lead our suppliers towards sustainability with our two-pronged strategy of "efficient management" and "resilient capability." TSMC worked with its partners to propose a "Responsible Supply Chain Action Plan" to spread positive change.

Environmental Dimension

To put green power into action actively, TSMC has been the biggest green power purchaser by cumulatively subscribing for 400 GWh of green energy in the past three years, accounting for 64.4% of the total green power sold in Taiwan. At the same time, we completed 719 environmental projects in 2017, generating economic value of NT$2.37 billion. It is also worth noting that our shareholders approved the revision of the Company's Articles of Incorporation to add four items to our business scope, enabling the recycled waste recovered from our manufacturing process to become products to be re-used internally or sold externally, and taking action to implement circular economy.

Social Dimension

Since its founding 31 years ago, TSMC has thrived and grown with the support of society. In addition to the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation's ongoing cultivation of arts and culture, we further integrated the Company's resources with employee initiatives in volunteer work to establish the TSMC Charity Foundation, focused on taking care of elders, promoting filial piety, caring for the disadvantaged, and protecting the environment. In 2017, volunteers served 24,612 times for 106,176 service hours, generating 330,677 cumulative beneficiaries.

Beginning with its core business, TSMC continues to strengthen its commitment to sustainable operations. Our CSR achievements in 2017 are the results of long-term commitment from all our colleagues. They are also the most solid support to our sustainable development. For more actions on sustainability of TSMC, please refer to "TSMC 2017 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" and TSMC's CSR website.