The TSMC 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report covers the Company's performance in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions over the past year, as related to the UN SDGs.

TSMC 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Now Online

On the Path to Sustainability and the Common Good, TSMC Spares No Effort to Fulfill its Responsibilities
L.J. Chang
Doris Lien

On the path to sustainability, TSMC works hand in hand with our employees, shareholders/investors, customers, suppliers, society, and all other stakeholders. TSMC conscientiously fulfills its sustainability responsibilities by collaborating with upstream and downstream suppliers, and has adopted the CSR Report as an important tool for aligning with international standards and managing internal sustainability. The recently published "TSMC 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" covers the Company's performance in the economic, environmental, and social dimensions over the past year, as related to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

TSMC has the ability to do the right things, and we always move forward fearlessly
when we do the right thing.

- Lora Ho, Senior Vice President and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee Chairperson

Economic Achievements- Sustained Growth in Our Core Business Is the Foundation of Corporate Social Responsibility

TSMC attends to corporate governance and pursues profitable growth. In 2018, our market share increased for the ninth straight year to reach 56%, while revenues and profits reached a record high for the seventh consecutive year, firmly solidifying our position as the largest dedicated semiconductor foundry in the world.

Environmental Performance- TSMC Applies Green Manufacturing to Produce the Most Advanced and Sustainable Products

TSMC aims to become a practitioner of green power. In 2018, TSMC carried out 667 projects in energy and water conservation, and set an action plan for renewable energy adoption to gradually achieve a long-term target of 20% renewable energy for the entire company. As of 2018, all overseas sites now use 100% renewable energy.

Social Dimension- TSMC Establishes a People-oriented Inclusive Workplace, and Pursues a Vision of Common Good

TSMC strives to be an attractive employer. We provide a quality workplace, and equip employees for continued growth with the Company. Through the “TSMC Culture and Education Foundation” and “TSMC Charity Foundation”, we form a network of social participation to drive positive changes endlessly.

Beginning with our core business, TSMC continues to strengthen our commitment to sustainable business. Our CSR achievements in 2018 were the results of long-term commitment from all our colleagues. Bearing a dedication to "diligently doing everything right", we will never stray from pursuing sustainability and the mutual good, and keep moving forward.

For more actions on sustainability of TSMC, please refer to "TSMC 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report" and TSMC's CSR website.