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Letter from the CSR Committee Chairperson



Core Metrics

Report Contents or Explanation


Principles of Governance

Governing Purpose
  • Setting purpose
Please refer to "ESG Implementation Framework" of 2022 Sustainability Report and "TSMC ESG Policy". 12
Quality of Governing Body
  • Governance body composition
Please refer to "Corporate Governance" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 205 - 206
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Material issues impacting stakeholders
Please refer to "Materiality Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 17 - 19
Ethical Behaviour
  • Anti‐corruption
  • Protected ethics advice and reporting mechanisms
Please refer to "Corporate Governance - Ethics and Regulatory Compliance" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 208 - 209
Risk and Opportunity Oversight
  • Integrating risk and opportunity into business process
Please refer to "Corporate Governance - Risk Management" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 206 - 207


Climate Change
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • TCFD implementation
Please refer to "Climate and Energy - Drive Low-carbon Manufacturing" of 2022 Sustainability Report and "TSMC TCFD Report". 99
Nature Loss
  • Land use and ecological sensitivity
Please refer to "Climate and Energy - Strengthen Biodiversity Protection" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 105
Freshwater Availability
  • Water consumption and withdrawal in water-stressed areas
Please refer to "Water Stewardship - Manage Water Resource Risks" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 110 - 112


Dignity and Equality
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Pay equality
  • Wage level
  • Risk for incidents of child, forced or compulsory labour
Please refer to "Diversity and Inclusion - Unleash the Potential of Diverse Talent," "Talent Attraction and Retention - Competitive Compensation Packages," and "Human Rights - Enforce the TSMC Human Rights Policy" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 139 - 140
157 - 159
Health and Well‐being
  • Health and safety
Please refer to "Occupational Safety and Health - Statistical Analysis of Disabling Injuries among Employees, and Comprehensive Health Management" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 170 - 172
Skills for the Future
  • Training provided
Please refer to "Talent Development - Unleash Employees' Potential and Innovation" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 153 - 154


Employment and Wealth Generation
  • Absolute number and rate of employment
  • Economic contribution
  • Financial investment contribution
Please refer to "Talent Attraction and Retention - Reinforce the Recruitment of Female and Foreign Science and Engineering Talent, and Maintain Healthy Turnover Rate," "Social Impact," and "Financial Performance" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 143, 148
210 - 211
Innovation of Better Products and Services
  • Total R&D expenses
Please refer to "Innovation Management - Maintain Technology Leadership" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 39
Community and Social Vitality
  • Total tax paid
Please refer to "Tax" of 2022 Sustainability Report. 212