Our Focuses

  • An Innovation Pioneer
  • A Responsible Purchaser
  • A Practitioner of Green Power
  • An Admired Employer
  • Power to Change Society

TSMC practices innovation through technology, and drives the ceaseless progress of global technology through semiconductors. "Integrity" and "responsible operations" are the two cornerstones of TSMC's business, and its unwavering commitment. In addition to developing growth potential in its core business, TSMC continues to cultivate green manufacturing, create an inclusive workplace, care for the disadvantaged, and build a responsible supply chain to serve as a positive force in society, and to fulfill the Company's responsibilities as a corporate citizen. Bearing a dedication to "diligently doing everything right", we never stray from the path of pursuing sustainability and the mutual good, and always seek a way to improve and move forward.

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An Innovation Pioneer
Innovation is the foundation of growth and driver for breakthroughs at TSMC. As the leader in the dedicated IC foundry industry, TSMC embraces innovation from every employee. We insist on producing sustainable products with high quality and low energy consumption through leading technologies to help resolve the many challenges humanity faces.
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A Responsible Purchaser
As the world's largest dedicated IC foundry, we have made it our mission to purchase responsibly. We have the power to make a difference and we are doing so by asking our suppliers to make advancements in the following aspects: technology, quality, delivery, environmental protection, human rights, safety, and health. Our goal is to build a green and sustainable semiconductor supply chain.
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A Practitioner of Green Power
Green manufacturing is the cornerstone of sustainable management at TSMC. We believe that corporate growth and environment protection should not be mutually exclusive; our goal is to become the global standard of eco-friendly corporations. To such ends, we integrate green management into daily operations and strive to carry out climate change and energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control through introducing innovative green technologies.
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An Admired Employer
Employees are TSMC's most important asset. We value mutual commitments with our employees. We dedicate ourselves to creating a challenging and enjoyable work environment full of opportunities to acquire new skills, establishing an open-style management system, providing compensation and benefits packages that are above the industry average for employees, and becoming a world-class company that our employees are proud of.
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Power to Change Society
Based in Taiwan, TSMC has flourished with support from all sectors of society. TSMC believes that giving back to the community has been critical to our success. We've been caring for the disadvantaged, helping youth education, supporting arts and culture through the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and TSMC Charity Foundation to give back and create common values.
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