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An Innovation


As the world's largest dedicated IC foundry, TSMC works with customers to accelerate and unleash innovation through its pioneering business model and robust R&D capabilities to drive infinite possibilities in technological progress and sustainable developments through the ubiquitous semiconductor.

An Innovation

A Responsible


TSMC is committed to responsible purchasing and works closely with supply chain partners on technology, quality, delivery, human rights, and environmental protection. In the face of serious climate change challenges, the Company will further strengthen green innovation and climate resilience and strive to create a low-carbon semiconductor supply chain.

A Responsible Purchaser

A Practitioner of

Green Power

TSMC aspires to be a world-leading benchmark organization in environmental protection and actively integrates green management into daily operations. The Company applies innovative technologies to climate and energy, water management, circular resources, and air pollution control, promoting a comprehensive range of sustainable actions to strengthen environmental protection and act on the firm belief in prospering with the earth's ecosystem.

A Practitioner of Green Power

An Admired


TSMC values its commitment to employees and works to foster a humanistic workplace culture with open communications. The Company is dedicated to promoting a diverse, inclusive, safe, and fun workplace where employees can continue to learn. TSMC also provides competitive compensation and welfare, striving to be a company that employees can be proud of.

An Admired Employer

Power to

Change Society

Committed to uplifting society, TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and TSMC Charity Foundation spotlight the changing social landscape and its needs. The two foundations integrate and invest internal and external resources to empower young students of all ages, care for remote areas and the disadvantaged, elderly people living alone, and foster art and cultural literacy to lay the foundation for a society with common good, beauty, and kindness.

Power to Change Society

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