WEF IBC Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics Index

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Principles of Governance
Governing Purpose
  • Setting purpose
Please refer to 'ESG Implementation Framework' of 2022 Sustainability Report and 'TSMC ESG Policy'.
Quality of Governing Body
  • Governance body composition
Please refer to 'Corporate Governance' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Material issues impacting stakeholders
Please refer to 'Materiality Analysis and Stakeholder Engagement' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Ethical Behaviour
  • Anti‐corruption
  • Protected ethics advice and reporting mechanisms
Please refer to 'Corporate Governance - Ethics and Regulatory Compliance' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Risk and Opportunity Oversight
  • Integrating risk and opportunity into business process
Please refer to 'Corporate Governance - Risk Management' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Climate Change
  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • TCFD implementation
Please refer to 'Climate and Energy - Drive Low-carbon Manufacturing' of 2022 Sustainability Report and 'TSMC TCFD Report'.
Nature Loss
  • Land use and ecological sensitivity
Please refer to 'Climate and Energy - Strengthen Biodiversity Protection' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Freshwater Availability
  • Water consumption and withdrawal in water-stressed areas
Please refer to 'Water Stewardship - Manage Water Resource Risks' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Dignity and Equality
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Pay equality
  • Wage level
  • Risk for incidents of child, forced or compulsory labour
Please refer to 'Diversity and Inclusion - Unleash the Potential of Diverse Talent,' 'Talent Attraction and Retention - Competitive Compensation Packages,' and 'Human Rights - Enforce the TSMC Human Rights Policy' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Health and Well‐being
  • Health and safety
Please refer to 'Occupational Safety and Health - Statistical Analysis of Disabling Injuries among Employees, and Comprehensive Health Management' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Skills for the Future
  • Training provided
Please refer to 'Talent Development - Unleash Employees' Potential and Innovation' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Employment and Wealth Generation
  • Absolute number and rate of employment
  • Economic contribution
  • Financial investment contribution
Please refer to 'Talent Attraction and Retention - Reinforce the Recruitment of Female and Foreign Science and Engineering Talent, and Maintain Healthy Turnover Rate,' 'Social Impact,' and 'Financial Performance' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Innovation of Better Products and Services
  • Total R&D expenses
Please refer to 'Innovation Management - Maintain Technology Leadership' of 2022 Sustainability Report.
Community and Social Vitality
  • Total tax paid
Please refer to 'Tax' of 2022 Sustainability Report.