The 15th Anniversary of TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival
"Sparks on the Laurels: Nobel Prize in Literature" is a series of talks on the works of the Nobel Prize in Literature winners. The lectures invited a group of famous Taiwanese writers to share with the audience their reading of these works.
"My family also has a Green Park" is an ecological carnival that educates while entertaining. The carnival invites children and their parents to learn about nature and how to protect it through viewing large-scale puppetry and micro cinema, and attend day trips.

Keep Traditional Classical Culture Alive

Uplift our Spiritual Life

The TSMC Culture and Education Foundation improves the local communities with arts and cultural events. Every year we sponsor international arts and culture exhibitions and performances, support local outstanding groups and artists, hold master talks, produce a radio program on Chinese classical philosophical works, and publish audio books. Since 2004, our annual TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival brings to the local community feasts of beauty with excellent arts and culture exhibitions and performances such as theater, concerts, children’s plays and literature.

The 15th Anniversary of TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival

In 2004 the TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival has the good fortune to produce selected parts from professor Hsien-Yung Pei’s classic Kunqu (Kun Opera) Peony Pavilion-Young Lovers' Edition in Hsinchu. In its 15th anniversary of the Arts Festival in 2017, the Foundation teamed up with the National Taichung Theater to produce the complete Peony Pavilion-Young Lovers' Edition so that our mutual relationship with professor Pei can be continued and presented as a gift to the audience.

Sparks on the Laurels: Nobel Prize in Literature
The 6 talks attracted 755 literature lovers to attend the events;93% of the audience felt that these events are significant for them
As a student I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve come to love writing and am now more willing to look at the world from a different perspective.
- Audience Feedback on the TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival
My family also has a Green Park
The carnival attracted 4,700 people 95% of the audience believed that this event means a lot to them
It’s a very cheerful event, which fits for the kids and the adults alike. We hope that it will continue.
- Audience Feedback on the TSMC Hsinchu Arts Festival

TSMC Lectures: History of Western Civilization, the Final Chapter of the Trilogy

The TSMC Culture and Education Foundation has invited specialists in all fields to give various humanities talks in local communities. The topics of the talks encompass eastern and western music, history and philosophy. The "Western Civilisation Lectures", which started from 2004, invites retired Emeritus Professor Thomas H. C. Lee from National Tsing Hua University to give lectures on the history of the West from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age and the historical origins of freedom, democracy and science. These talks are held in the spirits of the 18th century French salons where the local people can exchange thoughts at cafés.

After the lecture series of "Renaissance" and "Reformation", the Lecture invited Professor Lee back to talk about the final chapter in the Trilogy of the Western Civilization: "Enlightenment". These talks first reviewed Renaissance’s impact on the historical background of Europe’s religion, culture and thoughts, and then discussed the impact and achievements of the following Enlightenment; in the talks the audience were led to reflect on the significance of these historical periods. The 6-talk series has attracted 630 people to attend and the audience’s questionnaires and feedbacks will serve as reference for future lectures and thereby bring more quality feasts of knowledge to the local communities.