The Tenth Anniversary of TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition
TSMC Dream Builders of Youth: Dream Builders of Youth Forum
"Arts and Culture Talents Cultivation Award" of Arts and Business Award of the Ministry of Culture

Supporting Youth with Multiple Educational Platforms

Build Educational Platforms; Encourage the Youth to Follow Their Dreams

During senior high school and college, young people are actively shaping their identities and exploring the outside world. At the senior high school stage, the TSMC Foundation offers extracurricular opportunities for teenagers to grow in sciences and humanities through hosting diverse competitions, camps, and lectures. At the college stage, the Foundation provides scholarships and support to encourage the students to head for their life goal and realize their dreams.

TSMC Dream Builders of Youth: Dream Builders of Youth Forum

In order to broaden the young people's horizon of dream-building, the TSMC Foundation holds a special "Dream Builders of Youth Forum" and invites veteran media figure Cathy Ling as the host to lead the short talks and conversations between three pioneering dream-builders and the first three dream-builder teams, and share their moving behind-the-scene dream-building stories with 400 college freshmen and the public. The three pioneers are the founder of Taiwan Black Bear Conservation Association and also the protagonist in the documentary Black Bear Forest, Mei-Hsiu Hwang; the peripatetic artist Belle Chuang, who has traveled to over 20 countries with her painting; the youngest itinerant large animal veterinarian and also co-founder of ILoveMilk, Chien-Chia Kung. The three first dream-builder teams are After Orchid, Dear Storyteller and Kitchen-Troop. In the meantime, the TSMC Dream Builders of Youth Forum responds to societal expectation via questionnaire where the public and the college students are asked of their opinions on the project.

"Arts and Culture Talents Cultivation Award" of Arts and Business Award of the Ministry of Culture: Achievements gleaned from TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition and TSMC Youth Literature Award

The TSMC Culture and Education Foundation is dedicated to the humanities education for the youth, and to keeping our traditional classical arts alive by running TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition and TSMC Youth Literature Award for 10 and 14 years, respectively. The two awards provide young creators a platform and are decorated with the distinguished honor of ‘Arts and Culture Talents Cultivation Award' of Arts and Business Award of the Ministry of Culture.

Calligraphy is a unique artistic heritage of Chinese culture. It embodies the long historical spirits of the Chinese characters. Since 2008 the TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition has not only offered handsome prizes to attract brilliant young creators, but has invited top calligraphy artists to run workshops on high school campus all over Taiwan so that senior high school students have the chance to see calligraphy art and might be motivated to learn the art. Literature, on the other hand, is a way for many young lives to express themselves. The TSMC Youth Literature Award from 2004 on has offered a platform for senior high school students to exchange their works. The award-winners can meet fellow literature lovers through exchange meetings, and their works are published in the United Daily News, which has been a cradle for many writers of the new generation.

The Tenth Anniversary of TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition: Writing the Largest Chinese Character Together in Lukang

In 2017, the TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition marked its tenth anniversary. This year we didn't follow the past's footstep: centring the competition and campaigns in Taipei and Kaushiung and hoping for the ramification into other counties. Instead, for the first time we held the spotlight event "Cultivation and Prosperity" at the Grade-III listed Wenwu Temple in Lukang, Changhua. All local parties in Changhua – Changhua County Government, Senior High School in Lukang and local artists who work in calligraphy – were happy to see this happening and took part in it. The event also invited calligrapher Chun-Chen Lin to perform the art together with the students and faculty of Lukang Senior High School to create the largest Chinese-Character jigsaw in Taiwan. After all pieces of the jigsaw have been inscribed with classic calligraphy texts, they were pieced together to form a giant ten-meter-long character of ten in Chinese. This performing art has turned a new page in the history of Taiwan calligraphy art.

This year the rules of the Competition have been revised: apart from including the seal-character category, "Scribes' Group" is added to encourage the young learners of the art. This change hopes to introduce the climate of Chinese calligraphy to the young generation.

The Acceptance Speech from the 3rd Place Winner of the "Semi-Cursive Scrip Group" of the 10th TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition
This year is the last time I attended the TSMC Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition. Thanks to the Competition, I've matured in the past three years. Calligraphy soothes our soul. I feel so fortunate that I have been able to find time to immerse myself in the world of calligraphy under the tremendous academic stress. In the future, I will go on to train myself in this world and hope to change for the better.
- Gia-Yun Lee, The Kaohsiung Municipal Hsinchuang Senior High School, 12th Grader
I observe, I read and therefore I am
In early 2016, I happened to learn of the news of the 8th TSMC Youth Calligraphy and Seal-Carving Competition in the Arts page of the China Times. I gave the paper clipping to our on-campus military instructor and have been seen the "Sailing on the Wind" and "Intrepid Lad" exhibitions of selected calligraphy works at Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall with the instructor for two years in a row.
This year when I was at the exhibition at the Memorial Hall, I overheard commentaries from some Chinese tourists, which really exited me … Here I enclose five photos which show that our military instructor at the 8th and the 9th exhibitions and his joy of receiving the work collection album. One of the photos shows you the instructor's own calligraphic work, "A Visitor on a Chilly Night" and the first page of my pharmacology notes. These photos are reminders of a life-long friendship between the instructor and the student as witnessed by your Foundation's exhibitions.
- Wei-Ming Chen, A Letter to F. C. Tseng, the chairman of TSMC Culture and Education Foundation (extract)