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Care for the Disadvantaged

What We Want to Solve

According to the data from the Fiscal Information Agency under the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, the economic inequality in Taiwan has no tendency to decrease in recent years, and this gap is also present between cities and countryside. The gap of average income of a family between richest and poorest city almost doubled. Education resource and learning result could be different due to the differences of economic situation and the gap between cities and countryside, and the shortage of education resource would bring more negative impact for the society, which is an urgent and important issue.

How We Respond and Act

We focus on “caring for underprivileged groups’ living” and “caring for underprivileged groups’ education” which are mentioned in TSMC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The TSMC Charity Foundation works with our divisions and factories, actively paying attention to underprivileged groups. We visited every underprivileged group in needs personally to understand their actual needs, and held a serious of activities such as donating money and goods, charity buying and donation, volunteer services, construction services and emergency aid, to help underprivileged groups improve their economic and education environment.

Our Major Achievements

Volunteer person-time
volunteer service hours
Invested nearly NT$30 million
Over 24,000 people benefited

What We Have Done

Dear TSMC teacher,
Thank you for your effort and devotion, and for teaching us with the happiest smile every time, thank you!

- Students from English reading services provided by Legal organization

Other Project Based Activities

TSMC continues to care about underprivileged groups’ living and education, provides economic support and living goods, and provides children with a safe learning environment, helping education organizations which lack of resources to re-build the classroom, and ensure students’ learning quality. In 2017, 22,128 volunteers devoted 92,206 hours to activities of taking care of underprivileged groups. We invested nearly NT$30 million, and more than 24,000 people were benefited.

Love Supply Chain — Create One Supply Chain, Achieve Triple Win

In 2017, Fab 15A connected the underprivileged product producers in the upstream, group buying of TSMC employees in the midstream, and underprivileged people who need the goods in the downstream, to create a brand new triple win charity model. In 2017, our employees purchased nearly 3,000 cabbages and over 100,000 bananas, and donated them to 8 charity foundations and nearly 9,000 families.

Really appreciate TSMC’s help this time, which made our effort become harvests.

- Banana farmer who benefited from Love supply chain
The old lady holding the banana with a big smile, and all the volunteers here can feel her joy and appreciation.
- Fab 15A volunteers

Chiayi Shuishang Chuanai Afterschool Reconstruction —Turning the Hope of Future

Miss. Que-Dai Shu-wei established the Chiayi Shuishang Chuanai afterschool 17 years ago, taking care of nearly 50 low-income and underprivileged students in elementary and junior high schools. She believes the education of children is the foundation of reducing social issues. In August 2017, TSMC launched a fundraising event on the internal i-Charity platform, and raised nearly NT$6 million within 3 days. Then 300mm TB and 300mm FB helped the afterschool re-construct its classrooms, expanded the room and environment quality, giving the students a better learning environment.

The new classrooms are so beautiful, and the toilet can be flushed now. We are so happy there are new classrooms for us to study and learn!

- Student of the Chiayi Shuishang Chuanai afterschool

Repairing Services

TSMC has professional factory service employees and repairing volunteers with passions, who help disaster affected households and underprivileged people to repair their home. Several repairing projects were launched in 2017. For example, 753 employees from BTSD donated more than NT$1.3 million and over 1,200 volunteer hours to help repair the Jin-hu elementary school, and renovated the hardware and school building which were eroded by the sea wind.