Ethics and Regulatory Compliance

TSMC has set "Integrity" as one of its most important core values, and reinforces our culture of ethics and compliance through multiple channels. We further extend this core value to our suppliers by tracking, identifying and implementing regulatory requirements in a systematic manner.

Strategies, Targets & Achievements

  • Reinforce Both Internally and Externally
    The management team of TSMC takes ethics and regulatory compliance seriously. It is reflected not only internally in the formulation of compliance policies and procedures, providing training and promotion activities, and periodic assessments and declarations, but also externally through the participation of third parties. Furthermore, the culture of ethics and regulatory compliance is cultivated through effective reporting channels and whistleblower protection
Integrity is the most important core value in TSMC's ethics and regulatory compliance system. The system is built using a sequence of regulatory identification, compliance policy and procedure formulation, implementation and execution, self-assessment and examination, as well as open reporting channels and whistleblower protection. The Company's management team acts in accordance with our Ethics Code, and fosters a robust ethics and regulatory compliance through the tone from the top.

Training and Promotion

TSMC, based on laws and relevant internal regulations, provides various training courses for all employees with relevant job responsibilities. TSMC ensures that all employees have timely access to new information of regulations and have a deeply-ingrained awareness of ethics and regulatory compliance.
Note: TSMC (China) technicians, employees assigned abroad, and employees with specific responsibilities are provided with face-toface training

Reporting and Protection

TSMC establishes and discloses its Complaint Policy and Procedure for Certain Accounting & Legal Matters and pledges to comply with the relevant regulations in the policy. Open and multiple reporting channels are available for internal and external voices.

For more information, please read TSMC 2019 Corporate Responsibility Report:

Ethical Management - Ethics and Regulatory Compliance

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