ESG Management

ESG Committee

In compliance with the vision and mission of the TSMC Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, TSMC has further connected to the international sustainability trend by establishing a CSR Executive Committee (renamed as ESG Steering Committee since 2021) to serve as the highest level decision-making center for ESG. TSMC's Chairman acts as the chairperson for the committee, and the ESG Committee chairperson serves as the executive secretary. They work with senior executives across different functions to assess TSMC's core operational capability, establish mid-to-long term development goals for ESG, and map out a blueprint for sustainable development that connects TSMC's core advantages with UN sustainable development goals (SDGs).

The existing ESG Committee serves as the communication platform that integrates and brings together different departments and employees to carry out TSMC's sustainable development blueprint. Task forces that are set up for quarterly meetings and based on issues identify sustainable topics related to company operations and of stakeholders' interest. The task forces formulate corresponding strategies and guiding principles, compile ESG budgets for each organization, coordinate resources, plan and carry out the annual plans, and track progress to ensure that ESG strategies are fully fulfilled in the daily operations of TSMC.