Page 3 - 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights
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  Awards & Recognition
 World's Best Employers
2025 Goals
Provide resources to disadvantaged groups
☉ Goal: Donate at least NT$10 million to disadvantaged groups each year
Improve medical care quality for elder people
living alone
☉ Goal: Provide service to at least 10,000 elder people living alone through the Network of Love System
Promote filial piety within younger generations
☉ Goal: Promote filial piety education at 100 education institutions
Care for the educationally disadvantaged
☉ Goal: Invest at least NT$10 million each year with education institutions
Recruit reading volunteers
☉ Goal: Provide more than 8,000 hours of reading services each year
Provide competitive compensation
☉ Goal: Sustain employee's total compensation within the top 25% of the industry
Promote occupational safety
☉ Goal: Frequency of debilitating injuries <0.41; Severity of debilitating injuries <6
Enhance environmental protection
☉ Goal: Donate at least 1,000 volunteer hours to environmentally related causes
            Awards & Recognition
2025 Goals
    "Prime" rated by ISS- oekom Corporate Rating
Overall Most Outstanding Company in Taiwan
The World's 50 Most Innovative Companies
Top 100 Global Technology Leaders
Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations
Mitigate corruption and bribery
☉Goal: 100% annual ethics and regulatory compliance employee training completion
Improve supplier management ethics
☉ Goal: 98% of suppliers in compliance with the "TSMC Supplier Code of Conduct"
Establish a sustainable supply chain
☉Goal: Require 100% of critical suppliers to conduct annual self-assessment of their upstream suppliers and request them to sign the Suppliers Code of Conduct and Self-Assessment Questionnaire of Sustainability Management
☉ Goal: 100% of outsourced waste treatment and recycling companies earn international environmental safety management certificates such as ISO
Support local suppliers
☉ Goal: Help 38 local suppliers to improve manufacturing processes and quality (base year: 2016)
Enforce a quality culture among suppliers
☉ Goal: 100% of local supplier participation in the National United Circle Competition, with 60% entering the final round

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