Page 15 - 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights
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 TSMC, through the TSMC Education and Culture Foundation and the TSMC Charity Foundation, stands by its commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and gives back to the community by focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and helps meet the needs of Taiwan society by investing in many areas of public service that even out resource disparities.
       TSMC TSMC Education Charity
and Foundation Culture
27,590 109,059
Total number of times employees volunteered in 2018
Hours dedicated to volunteer service in 2018
   37,400+ 3,200
      NT$103 million
Value of monetary donations, products, and services
The filial piety program has trained 149 teachers in 98 branches who have inspired approximately 3,000 students
Medical services donated through the mobile hospital van program
Seniors living alone covered by the Network of Love System; implemented the filial piety curriculum at 21 educational institutions

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