Page 14 - 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights
P. 14

to Change Society
            NT$13 million
With contribution of over NT$13 million, the Foundation has helped close the gap in education resources between urban and rural areas
Sponsored 3,600 students from 17 counties and cities to visit science and art galleries all over Taiwan
Percentage of books read by students increased from 19 to 90 per year through the Hope Reading 2.0 program
NT$40 million
More than NT$40 million contributed to inspire the next generation's interest in science and humanities
The 16th TSMC Hsinchu Art Festival invited nine local art groups and one international group to perform, bringing an art feast to 13,000 attendees
NT$3 million
67 teams of students from 13 universities and colleges submitted proposals to "Youth Dream Building Project" for NT$3 million dreams- pursuing grants

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