Page 11 - 2018 Corporate Social Responsibility Report Highlights
P. 11

 Green management is deeply ingrained in TSMC's daily operations and the company continues to push forward with green fabs and green manufacturing. TSMC strengthens its green process capability along
four dimensions: energy management, water management, waste management, and air pollution control. The Company selflessly shares its sustainability experience, broadening its impact on society and realizing the goal of an environment in harmony with technology.
 Increase Energy Efficiency
Reduce Environmental Impact
129 million metric
Recycled water, equivalent to 4.1 times the volume of Baoshan Reservoir II
Waste treatment and recycling vendors audited and provided with guidance
Water saved after adopting new conservation measures
          million tons
                           24.7% 21ppm
Days of lost production due to climate disasters
Abnormal occurrences cases reported to supervising authorities
2018 water consumption per product unit below 2010 levels
The average concentration of NH4-N in the Company's wastewater discharge, less than Science Park regulations

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